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The Lack of Healthcare Resources Within Third World Countries

Over 30,000 children under the age of 5 that live in underdeveloped countries die every year due to dehydration, malnutrition , and preventable diseases. The lack of healthcare necessities leads to unnecessary sufferings of children . Some of the reasons the healthcare system is so weak in underdeveloped countries is simply because of the lack of medical practitioners and resources. Healthcare resources are vital everywhere, the resources can be money for tools. There is a wide range.

The problem for people who are living in underdeveloped countries with the lack of resources makes it difficult for people to access healthcare as a whole. Unfortunately, people living in underdeveloped countries also suffer with higher rates of health illnesses. They deal with high rates of unclean water, very minimal food, and less sanitation and shelter. All these factors make it incredibly hard for citizens to deal with infectious diseases and fight other illnesses without medical resources. More than 2.6 billion citizens living in these countries lack access to toilets and other sanitization facilities.

In 2004, 6,300 Africans died from AIDS every day. 90 million new infections are predicted in the next 2 decades. Almost 25 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa currently. They are suffering immensely with little to no support from their country’s healthcare.

This is unfair as every country should have equal access to healthcare resources, healthcare should reach everyone including those living in underdeveloped countries. Some ways to improve healthcare resources in these countries are, educating citizens and investing in education t. By doing this, citizens can begin with getting better jobs, learn more about their own health, learn how to improve their health, and start getting better healthcare through demands. Healthcare resources should be equal to everyone.

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