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Rohan Chadha


My name is Rohan Chadha, and I'm currently attending high school in Florida. Since I was five years old, I've always had a passion for art, especially origami. I even know how to make spray paint art using the experience I have with paper art. I've realized recently that my art has the power to spark change - this led me to look at the bigger picture and start fundraising through my work. I want to use my creativity to make a difference in the community and world we live in.

Neha Iyer



My name is Neha Iyer and I am a first year undergraduate attending the University of Florida. Throughout the entirety of high school I have always been a science enthusiast with a special interest in medicine. As I became involved in various STEM opportunities, I learned more about the disparities that are present in my community and the importance of community collaboration to address these issues. As a co-founder of this organization, I aim to foster a group that brings positive change and demonstrates an appreciation for investing in the future of others.


Communications Committee:

Roma Patel (Director)

Halie Patel (Director)

Alya Akhtar

Annie Zhao

Grace Bebarta

Huda Zunoona

Jana Cordero

Katie O'Brien

Salma Bennaye

Trisha Duggireddy

Yashi Jain

Membership Directors:

Natalie Tang

Kavya Kaushal

Programming Committee:

Anvita Chitrapu (Director)

Reeva Timilsena (Director)

Abigail Russ

Anosha Kamran

Anushka Yerramareddy

Eyael Hailmariam

Laiba Farooqi

Molly Ibrahim

Ritika Putta

Ruhi Kabarwal

Sahana Dhama

Sophia Ibrahim


Outreach Committee:

Anona Thomas

Aryan Manglm

Emma Zhang

Giovanna Fattori

Gurjot Sunner

Halie Patel

Linsy Stephen

Reesa Venterea

Sumedha Shastry

Shravya Raghava

Editorial Committee:

Alexandra Beyret

An Vo

Hilary Ochoa

Jessica Stuparu

Ridhima Kodali

Sal Agosta

Shelley Yang

Smera Dwivedi

Stephanie Serrano

Vivian Huynh

Zoe Ramirez

Research Committee:

Anosha Kamran

Anushka Bhate

Christopher Lee

Eyael Hailmariam

Kristie Wong

Micah Tutuvanu

Naomi Gonzalez

Priyanshi Patel

Shambhavi Pal

Soreti Daba

Trisha Pahari

Volunteer Committee:

Alexandra Kury

Anika Joseph

Bella Mitchell

Chabrina Gnanaseelan

Ishan Ghandi

Karolin Hanna

Kavya Kaushal

Nathan Irizarry

Rina Bhatia

Tanya Wadekar

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