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Postpartum Depression

Having a child can be the most exciting and stressful thing that could happen. Acting unnatural and distant from your newborn are major symptoms of postpartum depression, or “baby blues.” Symptoms include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, mood swings, obsessive thoughts, irritation, and sadness. Postpartum depression can last four to eight weeks after childbirth. If the symptoms persist, you should contact a doctor.

There are numerous ways to prevent postpartum depression. The first is to eat and hydrate regularly, along with adequate sleep. Not maintaining your physical health could affect you and your newborn. Adding on, the next is to exercise! Exercise can lift your mood and revitalize you. Finally, show your emotions! Don’t keep your thoughts bottled up. Also, it’s imperative to prepare for childbirth. Childbirth is immensely stressful, so it is advised to prepare beforehand.

Fathers can also experience postpartum depression. They’re likely going to show symptoms of postpartum depression if they experienced depression or struggled financially as a child. If your husband is experiencing these symptoms, contact a healthcare professional for advice. If you are having suicidal thoughts about hurting someone at any point after childbirth or while carrying your baby: seek help. Reach out to close friends and family or contact the Canada Suicide Prevention Helpline at 1-833-456-4566.

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