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Learning the Signs of Autism from a Young Age and its Importance

The majority of cases of Autism can be diagnosed at childhood. It is important to note there is a wide range on the spectrum of autism, scaling from very severe to very mild. More cases of severe Autism often display signs at younger ages, while mild cases can show signs as late as adolescence or adulthood.

Here are some signs to watch out for if you are concerned that your child, or a child you know might have Autism. Make sure to go to a medical professional for an official diagnosis before taking any further steps, as Autism can present itself very differently depending on the child. Some signs for children as young as six (6) months or less could be little to no eye contact or few engaging expressions. At 9 months no sounds or expressions. At 12 months no babbling, no back and forth engagement, and no response to name. At 16-24 months no words or very few. Having an earlier diagnosis can be very advantageous for those with Autism. It allows them to receive things like ABA, a therapy known as Applied Behaviour Analysis, the opportunity to try different types of medicines, as well as many other things they may need to live the best life they can given their circumstances. Earlier intervention has been proven to be more effective in living a better life.

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