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Cardiovascular Health - Keep your heart healthy!

Keeping your heart healthy is the key to a long life!

Cardiovascular disease is anything that refers to problems with your heart and blood vessels, which could be anything from stroke, heart failure, to arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat).

How is a cardiovascular disease caused?

It can be caused by having poor habits. Examples include an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and even the use of tobacco or alcohol. In some cases, it could also be genetic if the disease runs in your family. However, lifestyle is proven to be the biggest cause of heart disease.

Symptoms of heart attacks/strokes:

❏ Pain or discomfort in the chest

❏ Pain or discomfort in arms, legs, elbows, jaw, and back

❏ Numbness throughout your body

❏ Difficulty speaking or understanding

❏ Dizziness

❏ Severe headache

❏ Fainting

These symptoms may seem frightening, but it is good to know what happens when you do not treat your heart healthily!

Ways to prevent heart problems:

❏ Eat healthily

❏ Control blood pressure

❏ Exercise daily

❏ Don’t smoke

❏ Limit alcohol

❏ Manage stress

Use these tips to have a healthy heart and future! Look for more articles written by Color for Coats! Stay healthy!

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