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Impact of Stress on Cardiovascular Disease

Stress increases along with age. Being under immense pressure, worries, having responsibilities, and so much more are the factors that play into one’s stress controls. Stress is an emotional or physical tension feeling. It occurs when one’s body reacts to a challenge or demand they encounter. Stress can damage one’s emotional and mental health. Notably, it can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the biggest reasons for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Everyone experiences stress, from teenagers engrossed in building their future with the tension of test scores to seniors battling for their life.

Having immense amounts of stress can lead to anger, depression, or even irritability. Stress hormones increase breathing and heart rate. It can even slow down blood flow to the heart muscle. Elevated blood sugar and high blood pressure are the biggest reasons for CVD. Stress causes CVD and leads to an ischemic stroke, which is when the arteries to the brain are blocked, reducing blood circulation.

To reduce stress, one must get enough sleep. The body is always working hard to provide energy. However, it will need to recharge by getting enough sleep. With inadequate sleep, the body is going to wear down and cause stress.

Exercise is another way to reduce stress. The body becomes healthy and strong with regular exercise.

Meditation is also another way to reduce stress. Meditation provides a deep state of relaxation. Five minutes of meditation every night will help one improve their state of mind.

Stress is the body’s way of indicating how challenging something is. However, too much stress can lead to damaging health issues.


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