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Autism Calls for Awareness

Some people don't realize the struggle autistic individuals have. Caretakers have strength and guidance to care for their loved ones with autism. Individuals with various types of autism are often unacknowledged by the majority. Sometimes, the gift of being healthy and strong is taken for granted. Autism affects the person's everyday life, as autism has “...conditions that affect communication and behavior. It can involve a wide range of symptoms and skills.” There are a myriad of types of autism, some so minor and some so major to the point that they cannot do daily activities like walking or talking. This affects the person's entire life, making simple tasks—going to school and socializing with others—challenging.

Once in a while, everyone should take a moment to be more aware of others and consider that there's so many things going on which we are unaware of. For example, kids with autism might often get bullied or taken advantage of by their peers. The acts can be so small to the point that adults will not notice. Having such conditions can lead to frustration and uncontrollable behavior or emotions.

People who think about loved ones and caretakers of people with autism dedicate their life to ensure that people with autism can live their best life. Being a caretaker can be a struggle, and it's important to be flexible. Everybody should spread more awareness for autism so that more people can be aware of autistic individuals and acknowledge them as a person.

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