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Colors for Coats is an organization that aims to spread awareness about health care disparities that affect the medical community and general public. Every month we focus on a different healthcare-related issue by bringing healthcare professionals to our platform and creating articles and projects to help our community. We will also frequently donate to organizations focused on our monthly topic. Our goal is to create a community of individuals who understand the issue and take initiative to make a positive difference.


Spread Awareness

We organize projects and allow students to complete articles to help us spread awareness about different health care issues. Students can earn community service hours by completing these activities.

Connect with Experts

We collaborate with health care professionals to educate our audiences and bring discussion to our meetings.

Donate to Organizations

The proceeds will be donated to an organization carefully chosen by Colors for Coats. The organization will be based on our topic of discussion, and its measurable impact.



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We will not have any projects during the month of June. We will be taking this time to process past articles, projects, and improve our organization.

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Our February recipe book, and March magazine will be coming soon!

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